Rules of exchange

General Provisions.

1.1 This Agreement defines the rules for the exchange of electronic payments provided by

1.2 Online service is a special resource on the Internet, with the help of which the exchange operations are performed, called

1.3 Clients are both individuals and legal entities who have decided to become a client of

1.4 Hereinafter in the text of this agreement, the User and will be referred to as Parties.

1.5 Both Parties have agreed that this document in electronic form has the same legal force as the document concluded in writing, which defines the interaction of the Parties as a legal entity and an individual with the service providing its services. 

1.6 This document is a public agreement (contract), in which the User assumes all its obligations by submitting the appropriate online application for a particular type of service

2. Subject of the Agreement

2.1 offers a range of services described in paragraph 4 of this document if the user meets the standard requirements described in paragraph 9 of this Agreement. The rules for the provision of these services are governed by the internal regulations of the online resource described in Section 5 of this Agreement.

2.2 After signing the Acceptance Act for the services rendered by, the Customer shall pay for these services taking into account the requirements of this document.

3. Rights and obligations of the Parties

3.1 The online service shall:

3.1.1 According to the rules described in this agreement, convert electronic money, using standard electronic payment systems according to the current agreement;

3.1.2 Provide technical and informational assistance to the Customer as a result of providing the services of currency exchange;

3.1.3 As a result of exchange operations, to observe the protection of Customer data and information about the time, amount of transaction and other data, and to send them to the User at his request. The data on the conducted operations of funds transfer through different payment systems has the status "confidential" and cannot be disclosed;

3.1.4 Not to disclose information about the services of exchange transactions to third parties, except in the following cases:

3.2 User's obligations:

3.2.1 Provide details to transfer funds;

3.2.4 To follow the requirements of this document;

3.3 The online service has the right:

3.3.1 When performing upgrades or technical works, suspend the service for a period of time;

3.3.2 Set the amount of commission on exchange transactions;

4. Services provided by

4.1 provides services for the transfer of electronic money through the payment systems listed on the website;

4.2 is not obliged to verify the User about the legal origin of funds when carrying out the exchange transaction.

5. Regulation of the exchange operation

5.1 Execution of the exchange transaction begins immediately after the receipt of electronic money from the Client. If the funds are not received from the Customer within twenty minutes after receiving the application, the application shall be suspended by the service. Further, if the funds are received more than twenty minutes, for example, for cryptocurrency it is ninety minutes, then the application will be executed taking into account the exchange rate in force at the time of receipt of money from the User.

5.2 An exchange operation is considered to be executed, when the funds are fully credited to the Client's account.

5.3 After the beginning of the transaction, the Customer has no more opportunity to suspend it.

5.4 In the case when the amount received from the Client for the exchange transaction does not match the amount specified in the application, the administration of shall suspend the service. Subsequently, as a result of an application by the User, resume the execution of the transaction for the payment of the relevant funds taking into account the rate that was in effect at the beginning of the transaction.

5.5 In case the User has indicated incorrect or invalid accounts, the electronic money exchange operation is stopped. Funds are returned after contacting technical support. A commission is paid from the amount of returned funds.

6. Liability of the Parties and their guarantees

6.1 Administration of the service is not responsible for any mistakes in the User's work in the system or incorrect filling out the application for funds exchange operation and possible inaccuracies in it, including no refunds, and the service is not cancelled if the money is credited to the account with the wrong details.

6.2 The administration of is not responsible for damages and losses caused by the User, which resulted in the inability to use the equipment or any of its parts.

6.3 is not responsible for the operation of payment systems that caused delays or errors in payments.

6.4. is not responsible for losses incurred by the User, for any lost profits, as well as other expenses that arose as a result of his misunderstanding of the rates and tariffs for the service, as well as other subjective factors.

6.5. is not responsible for losses incurred as a result of errors and delays in the implementation of electronic transactions and payments.

7. Conditions for changing information

7.1 The administration of reserves the right to change and update the terms of this Agreement at any time. New terms of service come into force from the date of their posting on the online resource.

8. Circumstances of force majeure

8.1. In case of force majeure events, which are beyond control of the Parties and which cannot be changed, they are fully relieved of obligations to fulfill conditions of this Agreement, including natural disasters, terrorist acts, fires and wars, as well as hacker attacks, mass disorders of the people, etc. Power failure, absence of Internet connection and other reasons beyond the control of the Parties shall also have the nature of the force majeure.

9. Obligatory conditions of exchange transactions

9.1 The administration of is not responsible for the actions of exchanging electronic money by authorized persons of the User.

9.2 After confirming his actions "I agree to the rules of exchange", the User assumes all obligations under this Agreement.