Alfa-coin affiliate program

Service online exchange of cryptocurrencies Alfa-coin offers all users of the affiliate program (referral program). Affiliate program of our service has two levels. User earns not only from exchanges of brought by him users but also from his referrals exchanges. Every referral is assigned to a partner forever. During the whole period of referral's exchanges, a partner receives his/her reward. Alfa-coin service values its reputation and does not nullify referrals in terms of attracted users. The service does not limit the means of attracting traffic but prohibits the use of fraudulent schemes, SPAM and any other formats which are prohibited by the netiquette or laws of countries.

Attention! Accruals are not made for requests which have not been fulfilled or paid by referrals.
level 0.6%

of the total amount of applications, which are submitted by referrals of the first level. They include system participants who were personally invited by the user.

level 0.2%

of the total number of applications submitted by second-level referrals. This includes system participants who were invited by a Level 1 referral.

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